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Get to Know Us

Since 2017

Our mission at Emma Mae’s SunRays Studios is to produce, through dance and other related art forms, socially well-rounded performers that will benefit from the many life-changing opportunities afforded by the mastery of the arts. Based in Chicago, Illinois – Emma Mae’s SunRays Studios produces disciplined dancers and catapults them into the next stage of their dancing career. Fun, friendly, and a fantastic place to practice and master the art of dance. 

SunRays Studios will allow students to learn dance while learning what it means to be a “performer.” As students progress they will develop a life-long appreciation for all aspects of the arts. Students will have developed a positive sense of self-awareness, self-motivation, self-respect, and respect for others.  These characteristics will positively define them as artists on and off the stage.  Not only are we preparing students for immediate achievements, but we are also preparing them for possibilities in college scholarships, Broadway performances, and professional dance opportunities throughout the world.

Emma Mae's SunRays Studios

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