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“When Emory first joined SunRays, she was shy, reserved and a bit intimidated by performing. Over the years I have watched her confidence increase, her skills improve and her ability to adapt become greater. The encouragement from her coaches has made such a difference in how she sees herself as a dancer. I am most appreciative of Ms. Tasha and Ms. Lulu's dedication to the dancers and challenging them to do greater!” -Charisma E.


“Sunrays Dance Studio is Amazing!  The instructors are very hands and believe in team building skills. The energy is fierce! My girls love it here!” LaToya N.


“Since joining SunRays Dance Studio my daughter has become an awesome dancer. They are showing her how far she can go with Dance and she’s embracing it to the fullest.”

 Felice M.


“I absolutely love SunRays Studios, not only did my daughter learn amazing dances, but she’s being mentored by amazing teachers Ms Tasha & Ms Lulu. She’s learning dance, poise and self-respect. Sunrays is not only a dance team but an extended family!” 

Shapearl F.


“My daughter joined last year in October of 2022 and didn't know what to expect. Well, when I tell you the journey of competitions and conditioning is real for these dancers who are better known as athletes. The amount of time and effort to build these girls to be confident, strong, precise while listening, thinking and sweating is no joke. They work hard for hours during the weekends, and they learn that it's a must to keep practicing during the week. This has built more discipline, thick skin and appreciative to learning intensive skill sets to being number one at Nationals. They did it!!”

Christine C.


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